Why Building And Managing Your Blog or Website, Will Save You Hundreds

Generally when someone thinks about creating a website, the first thing that comes to mind is how much will it cost?  Well this should be one of your concerns because building a custom blog or website, could run in the hundreds. ... Continue Reading

Difference Between Positive & Negative Posting

Essentially when you write a blog post one would never think it would have any impact or even affect your readers in a negative or positive way, well it does. In fact there is a big difference between negative and positive posting and it can reflect how your readers respond to your ... Continue Reading

Why Do You Let Imperfection Stop You From Blogging?

Are you one of those people that have always wanted to start your own blog but have always allowed imperfection stop you? There is no dough blogging takes a certain amount of knowledge and perfection, but don't let that stop you from starting something you have always wanted to do. The best thing ... Continue Reading

How Important Is Your About Me Page?

Very Important in fact it maybe the most important page you have on your blog or website. Try to remember first impressions are everything so make sure you do a good job introducing your self to your readers. Make sure when you create your about page that you place a link at the top of your ... Continue Reading

Blogging Requires a Certain Passion Do You Have it?

I have come to believe some of the best blogger are driven by passion and not just because they want to make a few dollars from their blogs. Loving what you do means everything and will always have a better out come because you enjoy your work and have the desire to produce better content. I ... Continue Reading

“PBPP” Poor Blog Post Planning

Sometimes we don't always have a pre-posting plan in place for everything, but I can tell you if you take blogging serious you will need Pre Blog Post Plan in place to help you with your writing. Keeping your self organized and knowing that you have your blog post per-written and can be published ... Continue Reading