Top Five Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Blog Simple

Building your blog and getting just the right design takes everything you've got, most people are so excited about launching their new website or blog, and don't really spend time and concentrate on a simple concept. That's why you don't want to miss this next blog post, on why you should keep it ... Continue Reading

My Story On How I Got Started Creating and Designing, Websites.

My story is quite simple, in early 1999, I was introduced to the internet in an odd kind of way, Webtv. Now I know what you're saying, what the hell is that? Well, I can assure you those were my words actually. ... Continue Reading

How-To Be Ready At All Times To Capture Those Article

Do you struggle creating your content? If you answered yes to this question then you're not alone. Hundreds of bloggers find it very hard to produce good content on a daily bases, the key to over coming this problem is "Be ready" I believe every blogger struggles at one point in their careers ... Continue Reading

Don’t Try Forcing People To Share Your Content By Using Social Sliders Plug-ins

I thought this article was important because I'm seeing it more and more these days when I visit other blogs. People that use social networking SLIDER sharing plug-ins on their blogs so people can share their content. ... Continue Reading

Make Sure Your Blog Is Comment Friendly, Don’t Lose Readers

Did you ever take the time to think about how easy it is for someone to leave a comment on your blog? I bet most bloggers are more worried about spammers then they are about making their blogs comment friendly. ... Continue Reading

The 5-Most Powerful Strategy Techniques Used To Get More Comments On Your Blog

So you spend hours writing quality blog post and producing your blog content only to receive not so much as a single comment. This might be your hardest task trying to get more people to comment on your blog, But wait there's hope yet. ... Continue Reading