Why Blogging is So Profitable


There're a millions of ways to earn money online and hundreds of resources to show you how to get started, but I see more people leaning towards blogging as a second income. I think the reason for this transition is because it's very simple to start up your own blogging website and in most cases it ... Continue Reading

How-To Publishing Your Blog


I often wonder if most bloggers have some sort of time frame that they implement into there blogging Schedule. Knowing when your next blog will be published will maintain a constant flow for the people who visit your site Choosing a specific day out of the week, would be a good idea, this way you ... Continue Reading

Backing Up Your Blogs And Content

backing up content

This next blog post is a critical one because I cannot stress enough, about how important it is to back up your blog post. Lets face it, you spend hours after hours blogging to have it all wiped out over night If you are like me then you know your work is always at risk no matter what server or ... Continue Reading

Social Networks Are Essentially Needed


We have all heard of socials networks such as Twitter, most people I come in contact with have never use this service, although you and I might use it everyday and are well aware of it’s potentials as fare as a social networks is concern. I often try explaining what twitter is and how it ... Continue Reading

Simple Tips To Start Earning Revenue With YouTube


When most people think of YouTube they often think of millions of videos uploaded and watched each and everyday. What most people don’t know is that the people uploading those videos are getting payed, just because of people like your self who are watching those videos. YouTube is one of the most ... Continue Reading

Finding The Right Niche That Will Work For You


With so many things to blog about these days, you might want to find the right niche that works for you and build your blog around that niche. Niche basically means to find a topic you are interested in and produce as much information as you possibly can, become an expert in that field. This ... Continue Reading