How Would You Rate your Self As a WordPress Web designer And Coder?


Small_arrow_pointing_rightNovice, Small_arrow_pointing_rightAdvancedSmall_arrow_pointing_rightProfessional.

Although we spend so much time blogging and creating our content, how much do we really know about WordPress’s platform and how it all works?

Well I don’t know about you but! I sure don’t know everything there’s is to know about WordPress, in fact I’m still learning new things each and everyday.

What I do know is there’re no limits to how far you can TWEAK your WordPress theme to get the maximum customization’s, are you one of those people who just can’t stay out of your Function. php, and Style Sheet.Css files? Yea that’s me 🙂

I have been learning HTML since the beginning of time, Ok maybe not that long. But really, I have been coding for about 14-years or so, with out any training what so ever. One of the first websites I ever visited was HTML. A complete guide to HTML for anyone who’s interested in learning how to advance their designing skills.

Depending on which theme you’re using it’s really simple to change things and customize your themes to get them looking the way you want it, you just have to have a full understanding on how to apply the changes.

Some themes are a little different from others but they all have the same concept, to allow you to make changes and modify, the customization.

StudioPress themes are pretty simple if you ask me and just about all the themes Theme functionshave the same file types and easy to understand. The team at StudioPress provides helpful code snippets that will help you to customize your themes and add new widgets and other sections to your theme.

If you look at the screen shot I provided to your right you will notice different file types, each file has a different function and can be accessed accordingly.

I recommend for anyone who try’s to access these files and make changes to make sure you have a complete cpanel backup of these file before you modify them, this is just common sense just in case something goes wrong you can restore them.

What is Style Sheet Css?

Style sheet css is the commend term used when it come to web development and it stands for Cascading Style Sheet. This form or coding will allow you to change any and all, parts of your CSS documents.


I’ve grabbed a small part of my Style sheet.css code and placed it in my syntax box below. If you notice in the css code below it starts off with the ( Body Section ).

Here you can change the color of your background and add any color you choose by simply changing the Background color sheet rules.

Here’s a great color chart I use to help me blend in my colors when I’m customizing my blog. You can bookmark it by visiting the following link, Somacon color chart.

( background: #000066; ) to the following ( background: #8B0000; ).

With most WordPress themes the process is pretty much the same and your themes can be customize quick and easily, just by changing a few hex colors and dimensions.

/* Body
------------------------------------------------------------ */
body {
background: #000066;
::-moz-selection {
background-color: #e96a2a;
color: #fff;
::selection {
background-color: #e96a2a;
color: #fff;


What is Function.php?

No one can explain how the ( Function php ) works better then WordPress and can provide a better understanding on how to execute different functionality, here is a quick reference about Functions Files Explained.  In the syntax box below I have added a Welcome widget to my main page, this simple method was introduced by StudioPress and allows you to add new sections to your theme.


I accessed my ( Function php ), then I registered the welcome widget by adding the first set codes in to my ( function.php ), if you notice the first set of codes is -> /** Register widget areas */ – this will allow me to call the function and allow me to add a new section to my theme.

/** Register widget areas */
genesis_register_sidebar( array(
'id' => 'welcome-text',
'name' => __( 'Welcome Text', 'genesis' ),
'description' => __( 'This is the welcome text widget.', 'themename' ),
) );


I added the welcome text section codes to my ( function.php ) file, this will provide me with a section were I can add my content and position it were I want it to be any were on my blog.

/** Add the welcome text section */
add_action( 'genesis_after_header', 'custom_welcome_text' );
function custom_welcome_text() {
genesis_widget_area( 'welcome-text', array(
'before' => '<div>',
) );


Last but not least, we need to style our new widget and add the last section of Css codes in our Style sheet.css file. This section of the coding will allow you to change things like your background, text colors and so on.

/* Welcome Text
------------------------------------------------------------ */
.welcome-text {
border-bottom: double #000;
border: 1px solid #000;
text-shadow: 0px 1px 1px #4d4d4d;
color: #000;
font: 25px 'LeagueGothicRegular';
-moz-box-shadow: 0 0 10px #444;
-webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 10px #111;
background: url(images/bg-light.jpg);
box-shadow: 0 0 10px #111;
margin: 0 auto;
min-height: 120px;
overflow: hidden;
width: 980px;
line-height: 1.0;
overflow: hidden;
padding: 2px 0;
text-align: center;
.welcome-text p {
font-size: inherit;
line-height: 1.0;
margin: 0;


This article was published because I wanted to show you how simple it is to edit and customize, your WordPress themes.

It’s true you should at least know the basic HTML in order to make things a bit easier. With that said, I have places a link to one of the most use HTML website that I know of, and that’s HTML. You will learn all the basics of HTML from start to finish.

So here’s my question to you.

Do you customize your own WordPress themes?

And how would you rate your self as a Web designer or coder?

Let me be the first to rate my self, I would have to say I’m an advanced WordPress user. How about you?


My name is Robert G, I am a freelance Writer and Blogger. I have been married to a wonderful women Carmen G, for the past 24-years. I provide helpful blogging tips and Information covering a wide verity of topics. I thank you so much for allowing me to share my content and knowledge with you all.

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  1. Oh I’m definitely a Novice however I have dabbled a bit in the coding of my studiopress theme. I don’t like to but sometimes it’s necessary to tweak a font or two 😉

    Great informative post Rob. Thank you!
    Brenda recently posted…Titan Gets Healthier TreatsMy Profile

  2. This is a GREAT post, Rob.

    How would I rate myself as a WordPress coder/designer? OMG, I have a loooooong ways!!! I only learned WordPress last November and still I have a long ways!! I don’t think they even have a class on just WordPress alone coz it’s still pretty new. Anyway, this is prolly the right time for you to on full time Consultant as a WordPress Designer. 🙂

    Angela McCall recently posted…The Big Four Internet MarketingMy Profile

    • Hello Angela, There’s so many great tutorials right here on line you can view to help you have a better understanding. Did you mention you were a web designer?

      Starting out it might be a little confusing but over time it gets better.

      Thanks so much for stopping by it’s always a pleasure.
      RGoss recently posted…How Would You Rate your Self As a WordPress Web designer And Coder?My Profile

      • No, I’m not a “wed” designer but a WEB Designer. 😉

        Yes, I have done web design before using Dreamweaver. Not the RAW HTML thingy, I don’t like to work in variables or raw CSS. I’m a “VISUAL” artist and I’m not a programmer but a USER of such application. I love Dreamweaver. There is also a way to accommodate WordPress into the Dreamweaver (I’ve seen it in but never really seen the video) if you want to change the design on WordPress. But then again, you can do this on just the Dashboard itself. You’ve shown it to me HOW before and so this is the thing for me to learn still. I’m not quite familiar with my Dashboard. Still learning…

        BTW, I forgot to mention….I LOVE YOUR NEW DESIGN!!!!! You changed your font logo design. Loved it.

        Angela McCall recently posted…Secret Of Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

  3. HI Rob,

    You appear to have learn a lot without any formal training.
    I’m an advance Level Programmer with more than 10+ yrs of experience in programming, but not in WordPress(I’m a dotnet Programmer). but experience has really helped in learning any of the programming skills quickly. I Started developing my blog in Oct 2012 with ASP.NET but gave up because for every feature I need to code myself and in WordPress we have plugin for every possible feature one can think of. I’ve some of the pages still on

    I love CSS and HTML because I’ve been using this for over 10+ yrs now. I refer w3schools, my all time favorite.

    Thanks Rob for this great share.

    sapna recently posted…Awesome ways to get Facebook likes and Tweets(Cartoongraphics)My Profile

    • Hello Sapna, thank you and it was so much fun learning although the process it a never ending one. We have to stay up with all the new changes when it comes to HTML, people don’t hand code any more it’s all about themes and templates now.

      CSS is great because you can accomplish so much using it. Being a programmer must be very interesting and because you get to use so many different programs am I right?

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your input it’s always a pleasure.
      RGoss recently posted…How Would You Rate your Self As a WordPress Web designer And Coder?My Profile

  4. Hi Rob; I’ve only been using a PC since Dec. 2008, when my father bought me a laptop for Christmas. I had always been one of “those” people who thought computers were unnecessary and a waste of time. LOL Little did he know, he created a monster! 😀 I have taught myself everything I know through trial and error and Google, including HTML. Just started delving into CSS last fall, because I wanted to improve the look of my blog, which was then on I’ve since switched to self-hosted and have had to learn all about plug-ins, FTP files, etc. etc. It’s all fascinating and I really enjoy it, but, it does get frustrating when you can’t figure out how to do something. As a last resort, I’ll consult a friend who’s an expert, but, only when I’ve exhausted all the possibilities on my own. Thanks for the helpful info here. I guess I’m a little above novice but definitely below advanced. I received two emails from you Rob. The first one came in under your name with a link to the post which didn’t work. It led me to a page entitled “Example Domain”. The second email came in under Creative Bloggers and the link led me here.
    Debbie recently posted…#8sunday WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS; MAR. 10/13My Profile

    • Hello Debbie, it sounds like you doing a great job if you learned everything on your own. Most people have a hard time dealing with all the tech sides of things, but I am intrigued but it all and just want more LOL.

      As far as the emails go I don’t what that “Example Domain”. is. I’m still trying to get AWeber down and it’s also a learning process.

      But I’m very happy you made it to this post because it’s great to hear successful online stories like your about how you have improved.

      Thanks so much for the comment and I hope you have a wonderful day my friend.
      RGoss recently posted…How Would You Rate your Self As a WordPress Web designer And Coder?My Profile

  5. Hi Robert,

    Myself Sandeep Kumar, I am a software engineer by profession. I am having around 8 years of development experience but I am a ASP.NET developer.

    I have started using wordpress since last 2 years and I am continuously making changes to my blog theme and other stuff myself.

    As programmer it is not that much difficult for me to understand the Theme code and functions.

    I like to help others in editing their theme.

    I can rate myself on Advanced level
    Sandeep Kumar recently posted…Blogging for Beginners–6 Weeks Blogging Course-Absolutely FreeMy Profile

    • Hello Sandeep,

      I think most of us welcome the fact we can customize our themes Its a great thing.

      Being a programmer it should be easy for you to grasp the idea of changes.

      Thanks so much for your imput and for stopping by.

  6. I don’t mess with it. I just learned how to change my theme but I am not good at customizing the theme. I have to get someone to do that for me. I would love to learn more. I think if I am going to continue blogging that I will have to take a course at the community college. I think learning some basic things could really help. I love all the information that you provided. I printed it. I am definitely a novice.
    cynthia recently posted…Are you still pretending to be sixteen when it comes to health issues?My Profile

    • Hello Cynthia, Thanks so much for your imput. I think we should know how to make basic changes because it will make us even better at what we do.

      A good idea might be to setup a test site and practice some basics changes like BG colors and FONTS.

      If there’s anything I can do to help you, please just let me know.

      Have a wonderful day my friend and thank you so much for your comment.

  7. Hi Rob,

    I am advanced WordPress user but not a PRO designer or developer,still a long way to go.

    It seems you and I share a same passion,I never stay out of functions.php and style.css,I like to tweak my blog all day.

    I too use Genesis framework and As you mentioned Genesis child themes are very easy to customize and one can find tons of tutorials and codes for customizing Genesis child themes.

    • Hello Vivek R, Yes StudioPress’s themes and Framework, makes customizing your themes much easier and will help you have a better understanding how there are constructed.

      As bloggers and designers, we’re always fascinated on how things are put together and that’s how we learn and get better at what we do.

      How long have you been blogging my friend?

      Thanks so much for stopping by it great to see you.
      RGoss recently posted…How Would You Rate your Self As a WordPress Web designer And Coder?My Profile

  8. Hi Rob,

    Nice post for WordPress users 🙂 I’m sure many doesn’t aware of these files with source codes. No, I don’t think everyone should touch ’em. But always better to know about what they are using 🙂

    Well, I’m on Blogger platform and like customizing it my own mate 🙂 It’s just me and my style. But I’ve been working with WordPress for clients and helped some friends with customization 🙂 Way to go.

    WordPress is mostly based on PHP and it’s awesome if you can code it all completely from scratch. Well if someone does, then obviously it’s much better to offer another platform like WordPress 🙂 Big dreams, eh? 😀 lol…

    I remember when you say that you have customized your theme and I’ve compared yours with original theme. Very good job there 🙂 I think customizations are needed as everybody doesn’t wanna have the same look. Need some personal touch, right? 🙂 It can be you or someone else to do it for you.

    Have a GREAT week Rob 🙂

    Mayura recently posted…Manage Your Website in Google Webmaster Tools: Part 1My Profile

    • Hello Mayura, Well I guess that would depend on how much you really want to expand your developers skills.

      Not everyone want to be a designer or code, but for those who are willing to take the risk in order to learn, I highly recommend you learn as much as you can about how your website functions.

      Learning is all part of the process and allows us to become better at what we love.

      Thanks so much my friend its always great to have your imput.

  9. Hi,

    I like to learn something new and i always prepare for it and coding is one of of them, I like coding with .net and c,c++. but i don’t no about PHP. I want thanks to you give me some knowledgeable things share me!!
    Deepak Mehra recently posted…Travel Portal Development CompanyMy Profile

  10. I do adapt the themes I use, and I’d call myself advanced bordering on pro, since I’ve worked in IT for over ten years and hold a degree in computer system maintenance 🙂 I started my first website in 2003 with hardcoded HTML, moved on to PHP and CSS, then to Joomla and now my sites are on WPMU.
    Linda Ursin recently posted…Three no-fail techniques for writing in your own unique, SASSY voiceMy Profile

    • Hello Linda, First I would like to welcome you to my blog it’s aa pleasure to know you.

      It sounds like you’re very knowledgeable and have an understanding how things work.

      It’s so important for us as bloggers to understand how our websites work because we’re always trying to improve the way we do things.

      Do you do your own customizations to your themes?

      Thank you so much for taking a few minutes out of your busy day to stop by and give your imput.

      Have a wonderful day.

  11. Hi Rob,

    This was an excellent post on WordPress coding, Stylesheet css and functions. I have to admit I’m not a web designer so I usually purchase attractive looking themes. However, I do have a background in coding so can usually tweak the theme, go into the css and function.php files and make some changes. I’m still not that confident with functions in WordPress.

    Your post has really helped me to understand functions in WordPress far better. I would say I’m at the upper end of being a novice and at the beginning of being advanced.

    Thank you.
    Hiten recently posted…How to create influenceMy Profile

    • Hello Hiten, The function.php file can be a bit more hard to understand just because it’s the core of your design and provides the functionality that helps you to add different sections to your website.

      Once you have a basic understanding how it all works it becomes much easier.

      StudioPress provides some great tips on how to apply the changes.

      Thank ao much for your comment my friend always a pleasure.

  12. I do customizations for my theme all by myself. I am not a professional coder but love to learn in depth coding.

    14 years is really a big time, I am coding from past 4 years or so. I do it 4 to 5 times a month in tweaking optin forms, look and styling my template. I mostly play with CSS a lot. little bit of HTML now and then.
    Vijesh recently posted…Imparting positive attitude to your blog readersMy Profile

    • Hello Vijesh. That’s great to hear it’s not really that difficult once you apply your self.

      You are using StuioPress themes correct?

      Thanks so for your imput its great to other bloggers making those changes.

      Have a great day.

  13. Hi Rob,

    Oh! I will say I am a Novice and unfortunately It scares me when it comes to coding. But this post is encouraging to start delving more into it and start learning about designing my blog theme and updating it. I always have to depend on someone else to do it for me.

    Great informative post Rob. Thank you!

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous recently posted…6 Tips To Help Shrink The Learning Curve in Network MarketingMy Profile

    • Hello Neamat, I hear a lot of people say this, why is it so scary? I love challenges and I try to over come any fears.

      I would recommend setting up a test site so you can practice and over time you will get better.

      There’s so many great tutorials on line to help you out.

      Thanks so much for stopping by its always a pleasure

  14. Being a newbie, I am not so much into the coding yet. I am still understanding these terms and it seemed interesting. Thanks for these tips.
    vicky recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Features And SpecsMy Profile

  15. Hi Rob

    I don’t fiddle with anything like that LOL (unless I really HAVE to.)

    Perhaps you could answer me a question, please? If you do make changes and then update your theme, are the changes lost and need to be redone? Fear of losing them in an update is one reason, for not fiddling, but the other thing is that I’m already too often diverted into “technical stuff” when I really want to concentrate on the content of my blog.

    By the way, I also got the error message mentioned. Will try and send you full details via “Contact”. Joy
    Joy Healey recently posted…Chocolate Cravings and MagnesiumMy Profile

    • Hello Joy, Nice to see ya. When every you make any changes in your Fucntion.php or Style sheet .Css files, those changes will only apply to the current theme you’re using.

      To answer your question about updating your theme, If you have a theme installed and start to customize it on your own the only way you will loose those changes is if you change your current theme.

      Every themes is different and will have to be adjusted accordingly. Sometimes there’r a few changes that might show on your new theme but for the most part your new theme will also have to be tweaked the way you want it.

      I hope this will help you have a better understanding just in case you want to customize your blog theme.

      Thanks so much for stopping by Joy it’s always a pleasure my friend.
      RGoss recently posted…How Would You Rate your Self As a WordPress Web designer And Coder?My Profile

  16. I consider myself a novice. Though I was able to do all the work for my site (With the help from other great How-To articles/blogs). When I need help with something I tend to try and do it myself (or the help of someone who is more techie) so I then can know how to do it next time. However, I’m more focused on creating content than learning about code and the such. Great post!
    Dan Black recently posted…Become an Attractive LeaderMy Profile

  17. Currently I would rate myself as a novice designer. I’m new but I’m learning fast. I’m getting used with CSS and html all from the internet itself. Hopes to become a professional like RG in the coming years.
    karthik recently posted…Protect USB drive from VirusesMy Profile

  18. Rob, I would still say I’m a novice. I’ve taking HTML class but it was not enough until I started to really use it years later. I love how you explained some of the functions and I know someone I have to share it with.
    I think I always have the fear I will delete one thing and it will take down the whole blog 🙂
    Lisa recently posted…Blogging On The Go With Fantastic Apps And ToolsMy Profile

    • Hello Lisa, I think that’s most people fears. But you know I always copy any and all, sections of my Function.php or Style sheet.css files, before I change anything.

      After copying a section of let’s say, my css files, I would make changes and if it’s not something I llike I would just place the original code back and no harm done.

      Same thing with the function.php file. I will try to put together a quick tutorial and show you some simple methods I use that might help you.

      Thanks so much for stopping by Lisa always a pleasure.

  19. I am a novice web designer and currently I am using blogger for my website. I found your articles interesting to learn.
    Anant recently posted…LG Optimus L5 II android smartphone launchedMy Profile

  20. Hey Rob,
    I love doing things around PHP. Tweaking the functions file and some other core wordpress php files is my thing but frankly, I hardly do that on my blog. I have not seen needs for any changes at the moment but I’m sure I’ll one day start changing things

    I hate messing around css. Design is not really my thing but I’m good at easily getting those things

    Like you, I don’t have any form of formal training. I just grew to love php and its simplicity.

    I’m off to checking 😉
    Enstine Muki recently posted…How to transform your blog to a veritable cash machine ~ ThirstyAffiliate ReviewMy Profile

    • Hello Enstine, I think once people see how simple it is to use CSS they will feel more at ease.

      I have been working with it for a few years now but I dont consider my self an expert by no means, I just don’t mind experimenting and learning new things.

      The link for Draac HTML is a great starter guide for anyone who wants to learn the basics of HTML.

      Thanks so much for stopping by my friend.

  21. Hi RobG,
    Who said you don’t know coding? I think i disagree with you. From your explanations here, i think you are very good in it because most people don’t even know the things you’re mentioning here.

    I don’t know coding, but they are still some things i can really customize on my blog. Things like the sidebar.php, header.php, single.php and the rest of them

    I learnt the ones i know by asking questions. I think another place to learn all those things is via w3schoolcom.

    However, I’m planning to train myself more on that.

    Thanks for sharing man, a very nice blog you have.

    BTW: Thanks for visiting my blog, really appreciate.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted…Top 5 Pro Blogging Tips you Should Trash NowMy Profile

    • Hello Theodore,

      Thanks so much for the kind words my friend. I’ve learnt all I can by doing just what you’re doing, asking questions.

      There’re so may people online willing to help us with just about any question we might have about coding.

      When I first came on line 14-years ago I was hand coding everything from nested tables to cellpaddings, this was the way everything was built from the ground up.

      These days things are a bit easier so it gives us time to enjoy creating out content and engaging, with others online.

      Thanks so much for stopping by it’s great to have meet you Theodore I hope we can stay connected. Have a great day.
      RGoss recently posted…How Would You Rate your Self As a WordPress Web designer And Coder?My Profile

  22. Gosh Rob, I would say intermediate.

    I’m purely self taught I’ll have you know so I learned how to do HTML probably four years ago. I don’t change my theme at all in WordPress but when I want to learn how to do something different I’ll go to the forums or those helpful advanced bloggers who know Thesis to find out how to do this. Now it’s usually about adding extra code to the custom.css folder which I’m comfortable doing now. Heck they give me the code and I’m familiar enough to change a few things but that’s about it.

    I have no idea how to write code and even some of my HTML is so elementary it doesn’t even work.

    I will say though that I understand a heck of a lot more now then I did when I started so I’m not a totally newbie but I’m by no means on your level. I do know my way around the cPanel too! Hey, I’m getting there.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Start Living With Purpose TodayMy Profile

    • Hello Adrienne, GREAT to see ya:) I have never use Thesis themes but have heard a lot about them. It seems like you do just fine.

      There’s so much to learn as we advance our online skills we can only absorb so much. I’ve been doing this for a long time and things have changed over the years.

      I enjoy tweaking my themes because it’s fairly simply but everyone will not try it. The way I see it if you’re happy with your design then why make any changes right?

      As for me I am never really satisfied and always looking for a new look for my blog but in the process I’m learning so much.

      Do you know I bet most people don’t even know how to get around in their cpanels, these are things we really should know because it will help us manage our website better.

      Thanks so much for stopping by my friend, I’m always thrilled to hear what you think.

      Have a wonderful weekend see you up on the blog.
      RGoss recently posted…How Would You Rate your Self As a WordPress Web designer And Coder?My Profile

  23. Hi Rob,

    My first visit to your blog, and it sure is nice to be here. 🙂

    This surely is an informative post on WordPress coding, Stylesheet css and and all the functions. Honestly speaking – I’m not a web designer and bit of a novice where certain things are concerned, though I am learning a little every single day. Normally, like most others, I purchase themes that I like.

    I am really scared of coding and often don’t mess with the codes, though my husband has more of a knowledge about html, css and function.php files and whatever needs to be done – is his department, so I’m not really into all of this. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Happy weekend as well. 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…How to Create Life Options for YourselfMy Profile

    • Hello Harleena,
      Thanks so much for the visit it’s great to have you with us.
      I think most people are not to keen of accessing their personal files just because they might mess something up which is normal.

      But you see I’ve always been interested is designing and coding, from the start and it has not changed over the years. I think I spend just as much time tweaking my blog themes as I do writing my content 🙂

      At least you have someone that can lend you a helping hand just in case you need it which sometimes we do.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit it’s a pleasure to have meet you. Have a great day and I hope to see you here as a regular reader.
      RGoss recently posted…How Would You Rate your Self As a WordPress Web designer And Coder?My Profile

  24. Hi Rob,

    I put myself in the novice category. I am self-taught with basic HTML. I have not learned CSS, yet.

    I’m using the Flexibility 1.5 premium theme. I usually check the Flexibility forum first if I want to customize anything because quite often someone else had the same issue and the answer is right there.

    If I can’t find my answer there, I search and most of the time will find what I need. I know enough to insert or change a code if someone gives me an example. I always copy my source page first, just in case, so I can return it to the way it was before I started fiddling.

    It happened to me once that my fiddling broke my site. Fortunately I had a backup!

    It boils down to time and efficiency. If I would want to make a major changed, I’d be quite happy to pay someone to do it for me. Time is money!

    Good post, Rob. I enjoyed reading it. I agree that it is important for us to have some basic knowledge of the mechanics of our website so we can tweak it without too much frustration.

    Jude Banks recently posted…Learn How To Make Money OnlineMy Profile

    • Hello Jude, Basic HTML is just fine because at least you have a starting point if something goes wrong, sometimes we can adjust our coding accordingly.

      I think as time progresses we all learn much more to help us maintain our website and blogs better. It took me a few years to really have more control over my websites.

      As you mentioned searching the web and visiting forums, are a big help and most of the time there’s someone with the same problems as you have and will share the correct answer.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment it’s a pleasure to have gotten your input on this topic. Have a wonderful day and I hope you will become a regular reader of my blog.

      I’ve just opt-in on your blog to keep updated……
      RGoss recently posted…How Would You Rate your Self As a WordPress Web designer And Coder?My Profile

  25. Hi Rob,
    So far I haven’t really tinkered with my site other than just changing some minor settings in css. I program for a living, well actually not as much anymore, because I changed to the software design and analysis part of my work.
    Some ‘old’ techniques never change, and I think I’m one of the few people that still understand what ACK is.. 😉
    Anyways, this article got me inspired… Maybe I’ll give it a shot!
    Jan Bierens recently posted…SEO Your PDF Download PageMy Profile

  26. Definitely a Novice. Trying to understand what style sheets are and what all the codes and syntax means and the difference between the function and style areas are on WP. I’m petrified to make any changes in case things mess up. I use a Genesis theme and apparently one should never make changes to the ‘parent’. I’m not sure if I should be making changes on my desktop and uploading via ftp or doing it right in WP (don’t know how to do the former). I’d like to be able to see what things look like before uploading and have been poking around with Firebug but don’t know how that works either (arrrgh!)

    One blog tip I saw was to create a test site on your domain to upload to so the active site doesn’t get blown up, but I have no idea how to do that. Reading all these comments is encouraging to see people eventually picked it up but right now I feel like a Dummy.

    Thanks for taking the time to maintain your blog and sharing your knowledge. As others have mentioned, your post went into my Spam folder, and just noticed now FYI.

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