How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your Readers


One of the most important things about owning a blog or website, is the amount of time it takes for your pages to load, primarily your main page.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited a blog and the page took to long to load, this can be a real problem and you maybe loosing readers. When I come across a slow loading blog I will just close that page and move on.

There’s nothing more frustrating then landing on someone’s website only having to wait for that page to load, this will not help boost traffic or help you gain more visitors.

There are a number of things that maybe causing this and you might have to make a few adjustments in order to improve your loading time.

Although I think we’ve all experienced this at one time or other, we sometimes feel that our pages are not loading as fast as we want them to, and in some cases you maybe right.

I’m going to list a few things I think you need to consider if your website is not responding correctly and your pages are loading slowly.

Causes for slow loading blog pages

1-Slow hosting providers and servers

It would be simple to say that we sometimes experience slow loading pages do to a server problem right? Well this maybe the cases with some people but not always the cause.

If you are using a hosting service that has slow servers, this could be a good reason your blog is loading slow, make sure you do your research before you choose your hosting provider. I’m currently using  and for the price you have to pay is well worth it.

A hosting service will never admit that their servers are running slowly because that’s bad for business, but if you see your pages are constantly loading slow then you know it must be the servers that are hosting your pages.

2-Too many open images on your page

The number one cause of slow loading websites is caused by over loading your pages with open graphics, that’s right. If you have too many ads or open images, on your pages it will slow your page down tremendously.

Some of the pages I’ve tested have very large banners at the top of their pages, this is one of the first things that will load when a visitor lands on your blog or website, so if the graphic is too large and takes a long time to load so will the rest of your website.

There’re online tools to help you reduce your banners and improve your banners loading time, here’s a helpful image optimizer by Dynamic drive, that can guild you and improve your banners.

How-to display images correctly

The good thing about WordPress is it allows you to format all your images when you use their media library and will add the correct width and height, which is very important and I will explain why.

Image dimensions:

Correct way to display images

<img alt=”RobG” src=”” width=”300″ height=”300″ />

Incorrect way to display images

<img alt=”RobG” src=””/>


Adding the correct width and height, to the images you upload and adding then to your blog post is very important because it helps your server retrieve your images quickly.

If you notice the image I’ve placed here of my profile picture is set to 300 x 300, the actual size is
600 x 600. If I don’t set a particular Width and height, it only makes it harder for your server to retrieve those images.

The reason for adding the ( Width and height ) is to help speed up the loading of any image you add to your blog or website.

3-Too many ads, Google AdSense

We all have seen blogs with ads on them right? This is also a reason for slowing down your page loading time, if you’re using too many ads on your page I would recommend limiting how many ads you place on your page in order to speed up your loading time.

If you’re using Google AdSense, you may try using ( Text ) ads instead of image displays because it will help your pages load faster using a text link.

Affiliate marketing is a primary tool used by many bloggers and can also be the cause of slow loading pages. I only use 2-affiliate banners for my blog and for the most part I don’t have any problems with my page loading slow.

But I think its safe to safe most people have more then 2-affiliate banners displayed on their blogs or websites. If you think you’re going to use a large number of affiliate ads on your blog I would suggest using a separate page for those ads to help your main page load quickly.

4-Installing too many WP- plug-ins

I think it safe to say we all love installing WordPress plug-ins correct? But did you also know that this may be slowing down your blogs loading time?

Each time we install a plug-in it’s not just installed in your WordPress dashboard but it’s also installed in your hosting account as well. This means your hosting provider and servers has to work a little bit harder each time you install a new plug-in.

When ever you install a plug-in it’s stored in the following directory public_html/wp-content/plugins/, your server has to provide you with the correct speed in order to load each plug-in and that can sometimes over load their servers causing slow loading websites.

WordPress W3 total cache

You can check your loading time by using a number of online tools; WPGAZE.COM has provided a helpful list that will allow you to check your speed and loading time.

WordPress developers provide some very helpful plug-ins that will also increase the performance of your website and improve your loading time.

One plug-in that comes to mind is W3 total cache, this simple, but yet FREE! Plug-in that will Optimize your blog and works while you’re sleeping, it will help your blog or website run more efficient, just set it up and it will do the rest.

If you would like to know what other people are saying about this very effective plug-in you can read about it here, w3 total cache reviews.

Test your loading time

I recently testing my blogs loading time with this helpful little free online tool called –, this tool shows you how well your website is performing along with a few others details.

CB website loading time

After reviewing the results from this test I’m really pleased to know that my blog is performing well with a loading time of 1.79.s, now considering I have about 100, blog post and about 15-plug-ins, along with hundreds of images stored on my server I’m very pleased with the out come.

See how well your website performs

Take the test to see how well your site is performing and post your results below by accessing this link– we can try to figure out what we can do to help you improve.

Is your blog loading time accurate?


And would you like to improve the speed of your website?

If you would like to share your thoughts with us on this topic 
By all means do so; I would love to know what you think.

My name is Robert G, I am a freelance Writer and Blogger. I have been married to a wonderful women Carmen G, for the past 24-years. I provide helpful blogging tips and Information covering a wide verity of topics. I thank you so much for allowing me to share my content and knowledge with you all.

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  1. Great post Rob. We were just talking about this in the last few days.

    Another tool that you might want to check out is Google’s Pagespeed Insights. It’s their developer tool that provides lots of useful data to help speed up the site.

    Have a great day!
    Ryan Cruz recently posted…How to Find Keywords That Converts into Leads and SalesMy Profile

  2. Rob, I was a little shy of installing the WP-3 total cache plug in because it could change permalinks I believe? “Pay special attention if you have customized the rewrite rules for fancy permalinks, have previously installed a caching plugin or have any browser caching rules as W3TC will automate management of all best practices. ” That scared me 🙂 and the list went on and on…..
    Lisa recently posted…Link Shy After The Latest Google Panda WorkingsMy Profile

    • Hello Lisa, This may be correct if you already have your blog or website, established already and could effect your permalinks.

      I’ve played around with this plug-in but yet to have it in full force because for the most part I don’t have problems with my sites loading time.

      How every, I do know a few people that have it installed and I don’t hear them saying anything about their permalinks.

      I will try to provide you with some data on this in order to clear up any questions.

      Thanks so much for your comment and your views on this topic. It’s always great to hear from you my friend.
      RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

  3. Great post Rob !! Crawl errors is also one of the factor effecting the page load time. I totally agree with Lisa, I am also worried to install WP-3 Cache plugin. Usage of Google Webmasters is directly proportional to Site Increment or Decrement. What Rob am I right ?
    sai charan reddy recently posted…How to root HTC One X || Safe and Secure ||My Profile

  4. Great post Rob! I think both of my sites are in pretty good shape speedwise. Thanks for the great write up!

  5. Hi Rob

    Thanks for that. Some good points for me to consider on my blog (NOT this one) as I have one blog with a VERY slow home page load.

    The image sizing point was especially helpful. I’ve been making a real dogs dinner of that, so that’s my next mission!

    Joy Healey recently posted…Merge Facebook PagesMy Profile

  6. Hi Rob,

    I must be doing something RIGHT then.

    I do the correct way of hyperlinking all my images including the width & height inside the variables. I don’t have any Google Adsense. I only have 3-advertising banners on my frontpage. I don’t have too many wordpress plugins, only have 21 so far. Don’t wanna add unless I have to.

    I have installed W3 Total Cache plugin. Although…I also have the WP Super Cache there as well. What do you think? Is it okay to have both of these? *wonders* Guess the reason why I keep the Wp Super Cache there is….whenever I update my blog or install new images on my blog, I don’t see the CHANGES unless I empty the “cache” after the update. W3 Total Cache confuses me, I don’t really know how to use this or how to empty my cache here. But Wp Super Cache makes it easier for me to do this, and so I just empty my cache on this plugin. What would you suggest?

    Um, I’ve never seen the…will try this one sometime!

    So far, my website loads okay. Thanks for posting this!

    Angela McCall recently posted…Graphic Designers Of TodayMy Profile

  7. Hi Rob,

    I’ve been here and submit comment but didn’t through thought I try few times 🙂 Now trying again.

    Very useful information here regarding the performance of a site 🙂

    Like you, I don’t like waiting few minutes for a page to load mate. That’d kill the experience, unless

    they have a very slow Internet connections.

    HostGator is a great choice as a hosting partner and I’ve heard of BlueHost recently by friends too 🙂

    Exactly, images should get attention. There are many ways to use images effectively with less affection

    on performance such as using Image Sprites but not everyone would be familiar with ’em. However it’s

    better to use less JavaScripts and Flash elements/plugins.

    As I’ve come across some WordPress sites, I’ve noticed that bloggers using unnecessary plugins too. A

    good reminder 🙂 I know of friends who use W3 total cache or super cache with no conflicts. Also heard

    of issues on both plugins, but not for everyone. I think it depends 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend and hope you are doing great mate 🙂

    Mayura recently posted…How to Spam Like a Rock StarMy Profile

    • Hello Mayura, When running a website there’re so many things you need to consider. One very important element is how quickly your website is loading.

      That has always been a primary focus for me and I’ve always try my best to make someone that visits my blog a pleasant one.

      I have never heard of image Sprites, that’s a new one for me how does it work?

      Thanks so much for stopping by my friend and giving us your view on this topic always a pleasure.
      RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

  8. Hello Rob,
    what a wonderful post and well crafted out. I’d also like to add up one more thing; Too much plugins can also cause load speed and brings your blog low performance. limited plugins is the best way to keep a blog fast and also it is nice to uninstall any unused plugins to increased to blog speed. Thanks
    Babanature recently posted…Adding A Clickable Link To Your YouTube VideoMy Profile

    • Hello Babanature, yes you are correct plug-ins are also the cause of low performance loading time.

      It’s always recommended to use only what you need and uninstall those you don’t need.

      Thanks so much for stopping by it’s great to see you again my friend.

  9. Hi Rob,

    This as really a great post and even though I was aware of some of the things you mentioned here I still learned a lot.

    I actually just got rid of 6 mini banners that I had on the margin of my blog because they were not getting results anyway, and I could see that my loading time was slow according to Alexa.

    I will difinitely check out the plugins you mentioned here and see if I can find out some valuable info about my blog’s time to load.

    • Hello Sylviane, That sounds great I’m very pleased to know my tips has been effective in one way or another. I don’t see the use of having unwanted banners or images on my blog.

      I prefer a clean and easy to navigate blog were people can come and comment and engage with me with out having to wait for my pages to load because that can be frustrating if you know what I mean….

      If you find out any info on the the plug-ins I mentions please do come back and let me know ok?

      Have a wonderful day and I wish you all the best with your blog my friend.
      RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

  10. Very informative post, Rob!

    Adding the correct width and height is so important, and thanks for letting everybody know this fact. I came to know of this lately, and am sure many novice bloggers are still unaware of it.

    There’s a plugin called P3 Profiler which can check for you which plugin is consuming more of the resources and needs to be discarded.

    One crucial step that can speed up your blog a bit without any additional expenses is having a self-hosted CDN. But if you’ve got the money to spare, then invest on a real good CDN! Thanks.
    Harleena Singh recently posted…How to Cope With Teenage Mood SwingsMy Profile

    • Hello Harleena, Thanks for stopping by great to see ya.
      That plug-in you mention sounds very useful have you try it yet?

      I think it’s great to know which plug-ins are consuming your resources because it will slow your blog down tremendously and will cause other problems as well as time progresses.

      Aw CDN, Content delivery network, I’ve read a few articles on this but would not declare my self as an expert in the field. Can you give me a few more details about how CDN can be applied? and is this sometime you need to buy separately?

      Thanks so much for giving us your input my friend always a pleasure.
      RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

      • Rob, I’ve tried the P3Profiler plugin and it works. I was talking about the self-hosted CDN, which isn’t a real CDN but just helps to create static content for your images etc. on your own server and increase a bit of your speed. It doesn’t cost a dime and you can get the info here if you’re interested. Real CDN like MaxCDN might cost you about $30-$40 for the whole year. Thanks.
        Harleena Singh recently posted…Ways of Dealing with the Loss of a Loved OneMy Profile

        • Hello Harleena, Thanks so for the info anything to improve the performance of your blog is a good thing.

          I’ve heard about CDN but I need to look into it a bit more to see if it’s something I would use.

          I mean my blog is doing just fine so I don’t feel I really need to make to many changes.

          I hope you have a great day my friend and thank you for taking the time to comments

  11. Great tips here Rob. I know I had a problem with having too many plugins and I had to deactivite and uninstall the ones I wasn’t using and causing problems. I never new about the website I’ll definitely take not of that. Thanks for sharing!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Are You Learning More Than You Implement?My Profile

  12. HI Rob,

    Great information shared!

    I think you have mentioned all the key points. I want to stress on one thing – too many plugins are really responsible for slowing the website/blog. That is the sad part of wordpress, I’m not in control of source code, otherwise I could have easily optimized the website, if not fully at least to my satisfaction.

    I’m using Yslow for checking the speed of the website, it really gives me detailed stats, while reading the post I trying your pingdom as well, the result was very quick.

    Thanks for this great share.

    Sapna recently posted…Meet Some of the Brilliant and Naive BloggersMy Profile

    • Hello Sapna, Yes you are correct using too many plug-ins is a concern and should be considered when you’re building your blog or website, because some of then can become a resource hog.

      I think people should keep a close eye on their loading time and find way to improve it.

      Let me know if you try the Pingdom tools and what your results are ok.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your comment my friend it’s always a pleasure to see you. Have a blessing day.
      RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

  13. Hey Rob,

    I know this is an area that I find a royal pain.

    I know for me the only issue I have are my images but that’s from way back and I just didn’t want to go back to the beginning and clean them all up. What I find strange though is that I resize them before I ever upload them. They aren’t big either. None are over 350 pixels. I’m sure I didn’t load the earlier ones correctly though but I’ve gotten everything else I possibly can cleaned up. I’ve been through this with a friend of mine who was helping me so my load time is about as good as I can get it.

    It’s so important though. There are still two blogs I visit on a regular basis and they take forever to load. I just go and do something else while I’m waiting on them and I’ve let them know so I can’t do anymore.

    Thanks for these tips and I’ll be sure to share this post as well. Good stuff.

    Have a great week.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Impress Your Blog ReadersMy Profile

    • Hello Adrienne, Yes I can understand not wanting to correct all your images I feel the same. From the times I’ve visited your blog the loading seems pretty good so I don’t think you have much to worry bout.

      And yes there’re a few blogs I visit as well were the loading time was to slow and I’m sure if the owners of these blogs realizes what’s going on they would try to correct it.

      I try to keep my blog simple and not adding to much as far as banners or unwanted plug-ins. I’m very happy with my loading time and I don’t feel I need to make any changes.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by glad you found the post helpful and for sharing it also. Have a great day my friend.
      RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

  14. Excellent and much useful post! Well, it’s not good to use heavy graphics/visuals and it’s better to optimize images and you have mentioned some useful online image optimization tools. And yes, installing too many plugins will also results in slow loading time. Thanks for sharing and tweeted 🙂
    Nizam Khan recently posted…The American Math Problem InfographicMy Profile

  15. Hi Rob,

    Great and very informative post!

    My website is pretty new as I just started it 3 months ago and I don’t see any loading problems and no one complained so far but I learned a lot from this post which I can consider in the future in case something happened.

    Thanks Rob for sharing these information and educating all of us.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous recently posted…5 Steps To Develop The Power of Persistence in BusinessMy Profile

    • Hello Neamat, I was not aware that your blog was so new, I’ve just visited it and the loading time is very good so I think your doing just fine.

      There’re some many causes for slow loading pages and I just wanted to make people aware of what to look for if they come ac cross any problems while setting up their blogs or websites.

      Thanks so much for stopping by my friend it’s always great to have your input.
      RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

  16. I know I need to get rid of some plugins. My site I won’t even tell you, but I know I can improve that. When I have my last design, I swear it was crawling and that is a killer for me when I am surfing another blog. Sometimes I think I am just fast for the computer when I type and get impatient quick, but if its a site I love, I tend to wait, but alert the owner if I suspect their might be a problem. Thanks for reminding me of what I know I need to work on. Hopefully when i remove some plugins that does the trick.

    • Hello Sonia, I think your new design it loading very quickly and does not lag at all.
      Yes to many plug-ins can be a problem and may cause your website to slow down.

      I keep my plug-ins to a minimum and only use what I need. The thing I don’t understand if we visit a blog that’s loading very slowly why does the owner not see this also?

      I don’t really like telling someone their blog is very slow because they might take it the wrong way if you know what I mean.

      I notice you’re not using the commentLuv plug-ins why is that?

      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by it always a pleasure have you here.
      RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

  17. Hi Rob,
    I just came across your post on Adrienne’s G+ profile. I have to say I still struggle with the images piece. Should we be putting less images on our posts or should the quality be compromised?
    Kapil Jekishan recently posted…5 Resources To Help Create Killer InfographicsMy Profile

    • Hello Kapil, Thanks so much for stopping by. Using images on your bogs is all part of blogging, infact with out them a blog wouldn’t be a blog now would it?

      I just see a lot of blog’s with tons of images and ads, all over the internet.

      But what they dont realize is if your blog is loading slowly you won’t be making much money if people can’t access your pages makes since?

      So they will have to make the correct changes to speed things up.

      Thanks again for your comment and your input. Have a great day.

  18. I just tried the ping test. I did not do well at all. I changed my theme recently because I thought my images were too heavy. My host company is Network Solutions. I think they are really slow and I need to change but not sure if I can ask I purchase for 3 years and I want to make the right decision if I am going to move my site. Sonia, mention that she never wants to tell anyone their site is slow. Personally I would love to have the news, I see it as a way to improve yourself.
    Cynthia recently posted…How Many Pillows Does it take to make a bed?My Profile

    • Hello Cynthia, Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I know how you must feel although I’ve been with from day one and I have no regrets.

      How and what, are other people saying about the hosting provider you are currently using?

      I like to do a bit of research before I choose a hosting service and most of the time I will choose one of the most popular services because I know tons use them.

      I was just at your blog Hello Cynthia,I know how you must feel although I’ve been with from day one and I have no regrets.

      How and what, are other people saying about the hosting provider you currently using?

      I like to do a bit of research before I choose a hosting service and most of the time I will choose one of the most popular services because I know tons use them.

      When ever I advise people to revamp their blogs, I like to give them ever possible change to see if they can adjust the current before you make a big move like relocating your blog.

      I was just at your blog Cynthia and to tell you the truth the loading time is not that bad. Have you try re-sizing your thumbnails for your post?

      And maybe reorganizing those widgets or maybe even removing a few you have on your sidebar?

      If you’re really unhappy with your current provider then I would say just choose another one and move your content. I know it can be a real pain but in the long run it might be worth it.

      I would ask your current provider if you can get some sort of refund to help the move.

      Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you I’m always up here on my blog….
      RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

  19. Excellent share RG. Most of the blogs lose rankings because of this slow loading factor. You have included all possible ways to speed up the load time of our webpages. Removing unnecessary plugins and w3 total cache is enough to do the magic!
    karthik recently posted…Kingston 1TB USB Flash Drive to hit the Stores SoonMy Profile

  20. Hi Rob,

    Excellent post on a really important issue – thanks for reminding me that I need to keep an eye on all those plugins. It’s really easy to let them pile up and I’m aware they can often slow things down. I always make sure I resize my images before adding them to my site, rather than using the resize function in the WP dashboard, because I’ve heard this can slow things down.

    I don’t use a caching plugin yet because I’ve heard they can sometimes cause problems and last time I checked my blog’s load time was reasonable, but I daresay it’s something I’ll need to consider in future.

    Thanks for a great share,

    Sue Neal recently posted…Why Your Writing Sucks!My Profile

    • Hello Sue, I would have to say if your blog is doing ok and your happy with the performance then I would not make any changes.

      But over the pass few weeks I’ve been visiting a lot of blog’s and there’s been a few I think the owner’s should pay close attention to.

      As always Sue, thank you so much for stopping by it’s always a pleasure.

  21. RobertC says:

    Great review RGoss 🙂

    a way to speed up first time / repeat visitors loading time to your blog/website is make site simple, quick loading. (not flashy and loaded with extras.)
    limit number of plug-ins and image size, if unable to load text first so visitors can check out your blog/ web site while pictures load in background.
    have fresh content and up to date (current). make blog/ site memorable so they will recommend & return to your site for information.

  22. Hi Rob,

    This is excellent advice. I used to have so many issues with load time on one of my blogs. I never could get a straight answer out of my hosting company as to the cause of it.

    I did a lot of what you’ve suggested here to fix the issues. I started using a caching plugin, I reduced the number of plugins that I was using, I fixed the way that I was displaying images, and I also cut my widgets in half. I haven’t had issues in a long time now!

    Stacy Claflin recently posted…How to Bring Readers Back Again and AgainMy Profile

    • Hello Stacy glad to see you here 🙂 It sounds like you’re doing everything right to keep things running smooth. You would be surprise how much that helps your loading time.

      You see most bloggers have tons of widgets and plug-ins along with very large images that are not optimized causing slow loading blogs and websites. I’ve learned this may years when I use to hand code my website from scratch.

      Thanks again for taking the time to stopping by I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Heading over to your blog now.
      RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

  23. Hmm….checked 5 sites, everything I have is 134 0r 135 ms….not a green bar anywhere…
    Thanks to Adrienne Smith for the share.
    Just installed plain wp super cache on three sites and wish I hadn’t….Not a techie and when your pages and widgets start disappearing it is scary…
    Plus changed to display latest post from display static page and latest post was not to be found…..
    3 a.m. going to bed and worry about it tomorrow….no today when I get up!

    The picture size info will be helpful…think I had rather just load them direct instead of into the “gallery” even though you can edit there.

    Was working on the post below…the whole thing is a picture! I wrote two lines…that is all! No affiliate link…just some very interesting info!
    Cararta recently posted…Back Link Beast Shares SEO Back Links Cheat ChartMy Profile

  24. Hi Rob

    W3 Total Cache caused havoc with my blog when also using Cloudflare. It made my theme go back to its default options every few days.

    I had to get rid of it in the end and go with WP Super Cache, which Host Gator recommended to me. I’ve not had any problems since.

    I’m guilty of having quite a few plugins, 30 at the last count. I think it can depend on the actual plugins you are using as to the speed of your site and not necessarily the number you have though.

    I use 2 plugins to help with image loading called LazyLoader and WP Smush It. I must remember to add the image dimensions though as I always forget that. Thank you for the reminder.
    Tim Bonner recently posted…Please Help! I Have WordPress Comments OverloadMy Profile

  25. Hi Rob,

    I had tested my page about a week ago and it was not 100%, but 85%. I still want it faster!
    I don’t have banners for that reason, but I did have a comment roll on my right side bar. I took that off and it loaded more quickly.
    I see the pros and cons of WP Total Cache. I think I’ll sit back and wait for a while before I install it.
    Thanks for the info!
    Donna Merrill recently posted…U Smile Radio Interview | Lesly Federici with Donna MerrillMy Profile

  26. This is a timely post because I have been thinking about how to speed up my blog load up time. You provided some great tips and resources on checking load up speed. It’s not that my site is running very slow but I just want to speed up the process so my readers/first time guest will have a good experience while on my site. Thank you for writing this post:)

  27. Hey Rob,
    I completely agree with your points on why a blog loads very slowly, I believe Adsense is the only 3rd part ad network which has a fast loading Java script, other networks have the issue of loading. I tested with many ad networks like Adbrite (now not working) smowtion, adonion, bidvertiser, etc most of them make the page load very slow, but where as Adsense as far as I have observed it loads faster then some of the elements of our blog page. So you can also mention a separate line saying many 3rd party ad networks other than adsense too spoil our page load speed.

    One more reason which makes our page load slow is the fonts. if we use some fonts from Google fonts that’s it it makes the page load slowly. Images and post text will be visible where as the title of the post which is of Google fonts wont appear for few seconds. Sometimes if we use Google fonts for post body then only images are visible for few seconds. Have you noticed such things Rob, I have seen many blogs like this even my blog too some times not responds quickly.

    Thanks to Facebook it rolled out a new script for its fan page box. Initially it used to load slowly and the page loading also used to become slow now it is bit faster. In blogger blogs the follower widget too is a very slow loading widget I advice blogspot bloggers to drop that widget.

    Sometimes too much of java script too slow downs our page loading speed. Especially the sliders used in few blogs, we should choose a fast loading sliders and a good java script for fast loading else forget of fast loading.

    If we use Firefox we can see a small area at the bottom of the webpage which displays the loading of various elements in our blog there most of the slow loading page elements can be known to fix the issue.
    Vijesh recently posted…21 confessions to make before you write a great articleMy Profile

  28. I’ve recently discovered these two online tools for image optimization

  29. Hi Rob,

    This was a really useful post on thinking about and improving the loading time of our blogs. I can so relate to being frustrated when there is a site, which I’ve clicked to as I really want the information in it. However, they take so long to load, I just ended up closing the browser. Some of these sites are actually service providers, which I was interested in. Talk about losing potential customers!

    Thanks for sharing the tools with us. W3 total cache sounds really good. I will check this one out.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Hiten, Your very welcomey friend glad you enjoy the info.

      Time is so important in order to be productive and keeping up with everything dont you think?

      Have a great day.

  30. Hey Rob,
    No one ever likes to sit in front of the screen and watch a blog leak away all his time in slowness. I hate it big time!

    I think if we always optimize and keep our database clean, that can improve load time

    Thanks for providing the tips
    Enstine Muki recently posted…How do blogs make money?My Profile

    • Hello Enstine, I agree with you on that Im the same way but what I dont understand is why the owners of these slow loading blog’s don’t realize this.

      That’s a big factor gore a blog owner.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting my friend.

  31. Hello Michel, Yes it one key elements with blogging because you want your readers to have a present experience when they visit your blog and not have to wait to leave comments and engage.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my friend.
    RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

  32. Hi Rob,

    I checked my site recently and its load time wasn’t too bad. My main issue is I know I probably have too many plugins – they’re just so darned tempting! You’ve reminded me I need to keep them under control and limit them to the absolute essentials.

    I don’t use a caching plugin yet – I know they can make a big difference, but I’ve heard they can also cause some problems, so I’m not going to try one until I really need to.

    Many thanks for these helpful tips – appreciated!

    Sue Neal recently posted…Do Your Blog Posts Obey These 4 Laws?My Profile

    • Hello Sue, Nice to see ya, Sounds like your blogs loading time is good and that’s always a good thing.

      As far as plug-ins go i would recommend using only what you need remember they’re third party and can sometimes cause real problems.

      A few months ago I have some real problems with my WordPress editor and come to find out it was a plug-in I had installed causing it.

      Now I have about 15- and that’s about it.

      It was great seeing you gain Sue I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
      RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

  33. Hello Rob, just read your interview in Sonia’s blog. Thanks I have finally getting to know you. Super information here in your post and thanks for sharing couple of tools and site to work out on blog loading.
    Hey! I have added your blog in the list I recently compiled and I am sure many will get to learn from you more. 🙂

  34. Hi Rob,

    Immensely helpful post here. I tweak my pages here and there to improve load time.

    Cutting back on plug ins and reducing image size – using your smart tip – helps me to improve my performance in this department.

    Resist the urge to overload. I use ample white space on each of my blogs to stand out from the crowd AND to make my banners and images stand out.

    Thanks Rob!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Write a Guest Post for this BlogMy Profile

    • Hello Ryan, It’s great to meet you my friend glad you found this post helpful.

      You’ve also pointed out some very helpful tips as well.

      Having a well loading blog surly helps you build your readership.

      Have a wonderful day Ryan.

  35. Hello Sherman, Nice to see you my friend. It’s great to hear that your blog is performing well after removing those items from your site.

    You would not believe how many blogs I visit only to find out there’re over crowded and have to many banner ads.

    Keeping it simple it the key, If you would like to read more about Cache cleaning this link will explain it better then I can.

    Have a great day and thank you so much for visiting.
    RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

  36. Hello Dhaval, glad it’s working out for you my friend thanks so much for stopping by….
    RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

  37. Hello David, I can understand what you’re are saying and agree all the way.Thanks so much for stopping by my friend.
    RGoss recently posted…How-To Help Your Blogs Loading Time, With Out loosing Your ReadersMy Profile

  38. Hi Rob,

    This is an important post. Many people are not checking their blog speed and it is a very important issue. Slow speed may contribute to increased bounce rate and it is a no-no in the eyes of Google and one’s rankings.

    Google uses speed and bounce rate as part of their algorithms. Even just for that reason we must be very careful about the speed of our sites.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Dita recently posted…How To Protect Your Blog From Botnet HackersMy Profile

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