Buffer Social Media Management Application That Makes Sharing a Breeze

Most of you already know how hard it is to keep up with today’s large social media stream and market, so anytime there is an application developed to make life easier it so always welcome in my books.

There is a new social media application call Buffer, this new social media tool will allow it’s user to add their content such as pictures, articles, links, and many other items you would like to share with your friend and family. It will help you keep up with today’s news and technology and the things that are important to and your followers.

Buffer gives you the choice to schedule your online findings and place them within your Buffer dashboard; you can pick times you would like those items to be posted using a number of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and a few more.

After filling up your buffer dashboard and schedule when you would like the links posted, the Buffer management system will do all the rest. Buffer will post each and every item you place with-in your dashboard even as you sleep, no more worrying about how you’re going to keep up with the large demand of social media.

Buffer for Chrome1.6.3

Buffer for Chrome1.6.3 Adds Tweets and Facebook posts to your Buffer from anywhere, Buffer will automatically share them for you through out the day. Once the buffer extension is installed you will see the icon on the right hand side of your browser. When you find something you would like to add, just click on that icon to have those items add to your dashboard.

Adding your Content:

While browsing the web you are able to collect links and pictures that you might want to share with your online friends. Simply add your content into the buffer as shown in this screen shot and click ( Add to Buffer ) and your done. Buffer will automatically add a date and time to post your content, if there is a pacific time and date you would like your content posted just change the time and date.

Buffers Interface:

Buffers interface is pretty simple and easy to use, as you can see in this screen shot below. I have already loaded my shares for the next two days so I don’t have to worry about keeping up with my social media sources.

Scheduling Your Buffers: 

Buffers dashboard will let pick and choose when you would like your content to be posted to your favorite social network. You can choose any day or time of the week to publish your findings….

Apps, Extensions & Extras.

Buffers extensions does not stop here, there are so many ways to use this application to help share your content. You can also use this app on your mobile device along with many other options.


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  5. I LOVE Buffer! I have the extensions on Chrome and Firefox. It’s a great app to compliment my content management software I already use.

    • Hello Mandy thanks so much for stopping by, yes I am also using Chrome and Firefox and Buffer just makes life so much easier. In fact i was thinking about buying the full version to see how much more I would get…….Do you use it on a daily bases?

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