How-To Add a WordPress Widget

Sometimes the most common task can be difficult the next WordPress tip will show you how to add a widget to your sidebar and footer with-in your theme.

I currently have a StudioPress theme  installed so adding a widget will be slightly different but still the same concept with every theme and template.

1-Step one:

Let’s start with the theme I am currently running Copyblogger, its one of many themes provided by StudioPress, its a FREE themes and can be fully customized. The first thing you will need to do is access your WordPress dashboard. This is your primary access point for your WordPress blog and features, you can make just about any changes you want in your dashboard..

2-Step two:

Placing a sidebar widget can be done using the following method, from your dashboard, click on ( Appearance ) this will give you access to the drop down menu.

3-Step three:

Then from the pull down menu you will see a few options, choose the ( Widgets ) option to proceed.

4-Step four:

You will see a number of different widgets to choose from depending on what you would like to add. You can add any of the widgets you see in this listing. If you notice on the left hand side of my widget area I already have a few widgets installed and I can add them to my sidebar at anytime if desired.

This part of your widget area has many functions including dropping and dragging your widgets to your preferably location. Seeing that I am using the StudioPress Copyblogger theme my right hand sidebar is a little different but widgets can still be applied in the same manner even with WordPress themes and templates.

5-Step five:

Were going to start off by adding a  ( Arbitrary Text or HTML ) formerly known as a widget, the most common one used by most users. Scroll down until you see the ( TEXT widget; place your cursor over that high lighted area.

6-Step six:

Click on the small arrow to expand the primary sidebar drop down menu to start adding your content.

7-Step seven:

Drag the text box over to the right hand side of your dashboard control panel illustrated in the screen shot below.

8-Step eight:

Choose were you would like to install the widget then place it at the location of your choice them drop the widget in place.

9-Step nine:

Now just open up the widget box you are ready to add your content in the widget area.

10-Step ten:

Place your TEXT or HTML content in the widget box and add the title of the widget so you know what it is if you need to edit it later, add the content then click save and your done..

The Copyblogger theme also has a footer widget area which is divided in to three sections. You can add your content to any one of those three sections if you choose to. Adding the footer widgets can be done in the same manner you used in the sidebar.


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